Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass for the Lighting Industry

Key Features of Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass

As one of the most popular floated borosilicate glasses available on the market, Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass exhibits a number of useful features that make it particularly valuable for a variety of sophisticated applications. It’s reliability and consistent quality combined with its ability to withstand broad temperature fluctuations, chemical exposure, and high pressure, makes Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass the ideal specialty lighting solution.

Key features of Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass include:

  • Outstanding thermal resistance
  • Exceptionally high transparency
  • High chemical durability
  • Excellent mechanical strength

How Are Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass Discs Created?


At Swift Glass, we create Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass discs with holes for the lighting industry. They are fabricated with the utmost care and attention to ensure dimensional accuracy and product uniformity. Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass discs are 9″ in diameter and .109″ thick and are typically created in 50-unit production runs.

Once the raw material is circle cut to the desired size, we use edge grinding and pencil grinding equipment to smooth and polish the edges. We then use a precision waterjet cutter to cut and shape the center hole to the desired shape and size specifications. Then, we chamfer the edges of the hole to reduce sharpness and create a high-quality finished product.

The cut, shaped, and polished discs are thoroughly cleaned using our specialized washing system. We then temper the clean discs in a horizontal oven to enhance their tensile strength and resistance to thermal shock. Each individual piece is subject to a rigorous quality control inspection, and once approved, they are packed and shipped to the customer using high-quality packaging materials to ensure that the discs remain safe during transportation.

Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass for Lighting Applications

The value of Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass is in its strength and versatility, which make it a highly desirable material for a wide range of specialty lighting applications. Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass is often used in high-temperature lighting arrays, 3D printer beds, micro slides, and additive manufacturing processes. You can even find Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass in space exploration as a key component in telescopes.

Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass discs manufactured by Swift Glass are frequently used in decorative lighting to illuminate showrooms and events for name brands such as Nike. Swift Glass is also pleased to provide a variety of Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass lighting solutions for retail, hotel, and hospitality facilities that require pure, clear lighting for public areas and displays.

Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass from Swift Glass

Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass discs accentuate light provided by bulbs, creating a clean, bright light ideal for decorative purposes and more. These products offer a more durable solution that surpasses inferior LED coverings in both longevity and quality.

As a leading manufacturer of quality fabricated glass parts, Swift Glass is your go-to provider for premium glass services. To learn more about our Schott BOROFLOAT® Glass products and capabilities, contact our experts today or request a quote.

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